Apple iPhone 3G S With Additional Features

Applie-iPhone-3GSThe iPhone, even after almost three years of its announcement, continues to engender a lot of excitement, long lines as well as larger share in the mobile phone market. With the approaching second anniversary of the Apple iPhone, there is a new model on the offering. The Apple iPhone 3G S will be available in the stores from the third week of June. This gadget promises quicker processing and better network speeds as well as a longer battery life, with some other added features.
iPhone-3GSThe question is why should one purchase it? This will also be based on the price one will have to disburse for this new mobile phone. In case you are one of those people who have been looking forward to the new and better model, you can go for it now. It is like people who had an iPhone Classic did not go for iPhone 3G immediately. If you can afford to upgrade your handset, it is expected to coat around GBP120 to GBP 170. If you already have an iPhone 3G, from Apple, you can upgrade it to the latest operating system, the iPhone OS 3.0. The iPhone 3G S brings, some new features but it may not be worth spending 170 pounds.
This new mobile device, iPhone 3G S is similar in appearance to the earlier model. It has the same outside controls and shape, yet the iPhone 3G S is exceptional in many ways. The display of the phone is coated with oleophobic which is resistant to fingerprint and will decrease the chances of stains and fingerprints. The size of this mobile phone is same like the iPhone 3G, only it is a little heavier.
This new model is designed with several well liked features of the mobile handset like video recording, voice dialing and multimedia messaging. On the other hand the call quality of the iPhone 3G S has not improved and the signal received is still uneven. iPhone 3G S still does not have multitasking facilities, Flash Lite or USB transfer.


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