Acer F1 to Take Flight with a Snapdragon

Acer-F1While everyone is not entirely happy with Acer’s performance elsewhere (horrendous budget ‘netbooks’ that die after a year), it appears that they’re fighting back tremendously in the field of mobile phones. The Acer F1 is an interesting new mobile phone because it has been rumored that this mean machine was going to be operating with a Qualcomm Snapdragon.
Slim yet powerful
When you’re packing that much power into a svelte, shiny and black device, you’re making a statement. It’s like when LG let the world peek at its GD900 Crystal. Everyone was just amazed when they saw the glowing display and people thought; hey, no one has really done that before. And LG is no fool when it comes to packing functionality. We’re betting that Acer is thinking the same way, too.
With the crisis in tow, there’s no other way to survive this other than by smiling and developing new designs that would please both the business-oriented market and regular, mainstream users. It’s both the weakness and strength of companies like Acer; they often try a hit and miss method and they’re never first in line. They’re never the innovators; so they end up creating devices that would be tagged, as ‘would be iPhone killers’ or ‘clunky, failed iPhone wannabes’.
Getting technical
The Acer F1 has a processing speed of up to 800 megahertz. Yes, the Acer F1 is a bit slower than an earlier model the TG01. For Windows lovers, here’s some good news. Acer F1 would be passing over the Symbian OS and would be using Windows Mobile 6.5 instead.

The shell was developed by Acer itself (Acer Suite version 2.0). Watch out for other mobile phones or check out other mobile phones, as well. It was said that the Acer F1 would be coming out in September 2009. This mobile phone is on the expensive side (560-euro price tag). But we’re guessing that executives would be interested in the business capability of the new unit.


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