Acer F1 Soon to Arrive with a Storm

UK retailers are truly bringing the heat on with the upcoming Acer F1 by providing free gifts, automatic cashback and cashback options. The sleek black machine, which represents Acer’s unending effort to streamline technology, represents a slightly improved hybrid of smart phones.
One of the best ways to stay alive in the smart phone market is to innovate. That’s right; innovate until there’s nothing else to innovate. A few years back, smart phones were for geeks and snooty corporate-types who had nothing else to do with their money. However, units like these are giving birth to potential Acer F1 deals in the United Kingdom that offer plenty of benefits from free SMS each month through Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Vodafone.
Yes, the news has been confirmed. The new mean machine from Acer would be operating with a Snapdragon from Qualcomm. Acer F1 reviews are expectant of the new phone, and they will surely be written when the phone is finally sold in the UK. And why wouldn’t they be? In recent years, smart phones have ceased to be mere luxuries that just cost a lot of many.
Many companies now are using smart phones not only for communication needs but also for more practical matters, such as data storage, information disseminations, etc. It’s not about how much the device costs, but how useful it is becoming. The companies in question are even allotting budget for smart phones.
With a brain from Windows, and a skeleton from Acer
That’s the reason perhaps why Acer F1 contracts will be booming. Contract providers like Virgin, Orange and O2 are first in line to provide contracts, and are willing to offer flexible plans to potential clients.

The Acer F1 runs on an ARM chip whose power is equal to that of 1,000 megahertz. The new machine even runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 with of course, a shell from the manufacturer. The Acer F1 would cost 560 euro per unit. 


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