Acer F1: Chic And Powerful

Acer-F1At Cebit 09, held in Hanover, Germany, Acer mentioned the phone codes, Acer F1, L1, C1 and E1 which they will be launching soon. It is reported by the manufacturer that all these models will work on OS Windows Mobile 6.5. Acer F1 and L1 are expected to be in the high end class. Acer’s Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Touch HD clone, the Acer F1, will have a big screen, chic thin structure factor and will also be a very powerful phone. 
F1The device is apparently set to sell for €560 and be available around September so you won’t have to wait for too long to get your hands on this trendy piece. One of the other things along with Windows Mobile 6.5, which we are looking forward to see this year is the inception of the Snapdragon processor. It promises bad-arse performance as well as a longer battery life. Acer F1 deals are a very good option for purchasing F1. It comes with the Snapdragon processor and one of the other phones the Toshiba TG01 is also known to be coming with it. Toshiba TG01 ends out at 1GHz, while the F1 will only reach up to 800 MHz. This is a little less by computer standards, but will offer ample horsepower to run the cell phone without a snag.
It is one of Acer’s mysterious Smartphone’ which will be assisted by an ATI Graphic processor which makes the Acer Suite 2.0 There will be a flash-based user interface which will help the  phone run very smoothly. None of the details have been confirmed till now, but according to Acer F1 reviews it is expected that companies like Acer, HTC, LG and Samsung, are looking forward to join Toshiba in the Snapdragon group.
Acer Suite 2.0 user interface Acer F1 Smartphone is very much like the HTC TouchFLO 3D. You can bet that the Acer F1 full touchscreen Smartphone will be one of the best looking phones you have yet seen and the screen is going to be incredible. It is possible to can get Acer F1 on contract from many top UK mobile networks.


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