Acer beTouch E100 Review

Acer beTouch E100Acer will be celebrating the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5.1 with its new line of touch screen smart phones. Two mobile phone series will be released by Acer named the neoTouch and beTouch series. The neoTouch will be carrying the highly anticipated F1.

On the other hand, there is hardly any real point to the second beTouch series since this general market line will be ignored by the public out right when it comes out. The problem is with the series’ low spec devices and impractical hardware.

The beTouch line should have been release at least a year and a half ago for it to make any sense. Having mediocre specs is not the way to sell a mobile phone even if it’s for a cheaper price; GSM devices make better alternatives.

The Problem with Resistive Touch Screen Technology

Touch screens are definitely the way to go with mobile phones. When touch screens first came out, they had resistive screens and using the finger was not a very good option since the screen could not easily recognize the touch input. The use of a stylus was mandatory in order for a touch screen display to be used properly. Eventually, capacitive touch screen technology was made in order for touch screens to recognize and input using the human finger.

This expanded the touch screen to many commands, gestures and input methods that you can do. The navigation functions, command inputs and shortcuts you can have on a device were increased. The choice of still using resistive touch screen technology is a bad choice since this removes the versatility of being able to use a phone without a stylus.

No price cut is reasonable enough for the loss of capacitive touch screen functionality. If Acer wants this phone to really do well, they should change the resistive touch screen before the device launches.

beTouch E100 Specifications

The Acer beTouch E100 sports 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM, that is sufficient for apps and a few media files, but you will want to rely on the SD card slot if you want to store larger files. The two mega pixel camera is a practical choice for this phone. You can take pretty good images at 1600 x 1200 pixels of resolution, if you want higher resolutions you are definitely not looking at the right price range.

Network band options cover both 2G and 3G networks (no surprise there). For a less-than stellar mobile device, you would expect it to be small and light. The beTouch E100 is only 118 grams, light enough, but it could have been better (the Palm Pre weighed in at around the same weight range); and at 12.8 mm, its a little too thick for a touch screen phone without a slide out keyboard.

At least the battery is decent, the 1140 mAh lithium ion battery will provide five hours of continuous talk time. Internet connectivity uses GRPS, 3G HSDPA and EDGE networks; no wireless LAN access. Naturally, this mobile phone supports Bluetooth devices, but the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack will make you want to get a better device.

The beTouch E100 Round Up

The beTouch line of mobile phones from Acer would have been promising if they had decided to use more practical features and hardware. Admittedly the difference between capacitive and resistive touch screens really hurts the chances for a mobile device of this level.

The beTouch E100 had a lot of potential, and people expected that it would have been a decent low-tier smart phone. Smart phones rely heavily on their extra features over GSM devices; at this rate, users are better off getting a GSM device instead.

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