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iPhone 5 Top 5 things we expect

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The iPhone 5 has been subject to more speculation this September than the 9/11 conspiracy theories have gotten. Everyone seemingly wants to know what Apple has up its sleeve and when the device will come out. So, with all our worldly knowledge and taking into account our gambling nature, what would we bet on for the iPhone 5

Screen – 75%

There is we would imagine a 75 per cent chance that the new iPhone will have a new larger screen. This screen is more than likely to be set between 3.7 and 4 inches in width. This would be a relatively substantial increase and shows the way that phones are going regarding the increase in screen size. Also, expect an increase in resolution size to counter the increase in screen size and ensure a retina display remains the proviso of the iPhone 5.

Chip 90%

The likelihood of the iPhone 5 using the A5 processor that the iPad 2 uses is very high. Firstly most of the technology available in the larger screen is easily transferrable to the phone. Secondly, most of the current premium Android devices are suing the dual core chips, which would mean Apple, would be left behind if it did not. The chip would greatly speed up processing power and probably also come with a near doubling of RAM to 1GB which would also aid speed and ensure Apple was up to pace.

iOS 5 95%

We also can’t wait for the new operating system iOS 5 to be included on the device. The new operating system has an array of new features, a large amount of which are borrowed fr the Android and others which are just sensible for iPhone users, such as iMessages, ensuring you can only talk to people who deserve your company – fellow iPhone users.

Camera – 70%

After doing our complex probability calculations we come up with 70 per cent as the likelihood for a new 8mp camera on the device that is capable of taking 1080p images. This new camera would bring the device up to speed with the industry standard for phones on premium plans and ensure the iPhone is up with the Android kids on the block.

Obviously the percentages are just plucked from a dark place in the brain; however do expect the iPhone 5 to conquer upon its release.

facetime calling – 71%

after releasing group calling in facetime, apple is thinking to code facetime for android as well. check out the for that.