Nokia E6-00 gets video intro

As it would appear, those rumors and confirmed reports that Nokia was not going to drop Symbian cold-turkey are true. Thanks to blurry video of the Nokia E6-00, there seems to be much life in Symbian, albeit a final jolt of electricity through the dying platforms veins until the inevitable comes in a little less than 2 years.

No doubt if you have been keeping up with this blog you have seen us mentioned the portrait QWERTY touch screen device before. Other blogs have even taken pictures with the phones 8 megapixel EDoF camera. But if you have been waiting to see the touchscreen device doing the whole jingle thing for the camera, than thanks to the 2:44 video below, you should have an idea of what this phone is capable of. It seems that the phone will feature a CGA display along with some sort of 3G radio and of course Symbian^3 running the show. While these are not the most awesome specs witnessed on a device, they are decent specs for those looking for a phone with some decent specs.

We are yet to receive official word from Nokia on its plans to release this phone to the U.K and possibly Asia and certain parts of the Americas. However, the company is planning speedy release of its Symbian^3 devices and seeing that they have a good track record of doing so, we have no doubt that this will become official in the coming weeks. So while we wait, check out the video of the phone in action below.

Source: YouTube

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