BlackBerry Touch / Monaco gets unofficial first look

Not long ago a roadmap of BlackBerry’s devices for the remainder of this year including the first half of next year was released. Within that set of leaked presentation slides which were filed as confidential were a slew of touchscreen devices including a Storm 3 and one codenamed Monaco which we understand has an official name: BlackBerry Touch.

In mid-February said device showed up in Verizon’s red branding which suggested that not only would Verizon receive such a device in the states but perhaps Vodofone here in the U.K. Thanks to BGR which was now been able to release prototype photos of said device, we have a better idea of what the phone will look like.

Thanks to a publication obtained by the same dudes over at BGR, the device should become official in May at RIM’s annual BlackBerry World event. Said device will run BlackBerry O.S 6.1 and will sport an LCD screen with a pixel count of 800 x 480. The device is said to use BlackBerry ID instead of a PIN for many of the phones key functions. Furthermore, according to BGR, the phone will not receive the Storm 3 nomenclature which would kind of make sense seeing that the company is trying to rebrand itself as more touch friendly and the last two storm devices were not exactly the most touch friendly devices thanks in no major part to the hardware but rather the O.S.

So far from the photos the OS does look like a solid upgrade and the U.I looks a lot better and more visually interesting than previous versions of BlackBerry O.S. We’re not about to jump to conclusions but with BlackBerry’s growth within the past quarters despite the competition posed by Android and iOS we think that the O.S will be around for quite some time now, unless they pull a Nokia on us.

Source: BGM

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