Apple patent draws up thoughts of 3D enabled iPhone 5

We’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk about the iPhone 5. Recently rumors surfaced that not only will the phone not carry NFC support, but that the much speculated release date of June-July during the World Wide Developers Conference is not true and instead Apple would be pushing the release back into the holiday season of this year as it has been noticing a steady decline in its iPod line as iPad’s, iPod Touch’s and the iPhone have overtaken the company’s original iPod line in sales revenue.

Again we are hearing another set of rumors, this time involving the cameras on the rear of the device. Needless to say, Apple has been pushing photo and video capture in their devices as of recently and with iMovie already released for the iPad it should not come as a surprise that the next generation iPhone could receive some sort of spec bump in the camera department.

According to sources, that spec bump will come in the form of dual 3D cameras. What would make someone come to such a conclusion? Well the boys over at AppleInsider have unearthed the patent filings for some sort of “deterministic calculation for stereo disparity compensation.” Big terms we know, but basically this translates into some sort of device capable of shooting 3D video footage which would obviously require some sort of dual camera set up.

This patent dates back to 2009 so it’s not exactly recent and Apple has been known to file hundreds of patents, many of which never ever see the light of day. So this could be just another patent Apple is trying to secure just in case the need arises. However with the push of 3D by so many other major players in the mobile device industry, we would not be surprised if dual 3D cameras showed up on a future version of the iPhone.

Source: AppleInsider

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