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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v up for pre-order at Vodofone Australia

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Normally we would not be covering technology news happening in foreign lands unless they directly related to us. However we are making an exception for this. As many might be aware of, Samsung recently trimmed the fat from its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the tablet owns the record for the world’s lightest and slimmest tablet.

Well said tablet went up for pre order on the 19th of April and shipping May 1st in the land down under. Of course Vodofone has operations here in the UK so this could only mean that someway somehow the Galaxy Tab 10.1v will be making an appearance on UK shores in the near future. As to when we are not sure but we would guess between now and the end of June.

Just continue to save those pounds as needed. This one will cost the same as an iPad 2.

Windows 8 on ARM

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

For those not familiar with the architecture that most mobile devices use these days, this might sound like Spanish, but bear with us we will explain. Apple’s iPhone, Android smartphones, Symbian and BlackBerry smartphones all have one thing in common: they run on ARM powered chips. These low powered chips are also being used to power tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as others.

Microsoft has yet to make a formal announcement concerning its position concerning mobile devices except for phones and laptops. But rumor has it that a variant of Windows 8 will be built for tablets. The key to this working is for Windows to run on the same architecture that most other manufactures and OEM’s use to power their devices.

At the company’s annual MIX event, Microsoft showed the next version of their operating system running on ARM. What does this mean? An iPad, XOOM and Galaxy Tab challenger from Microsoft, unfortunately we did not have a preview of the UI, but at least the underlining software code works, now for a tablet friendly skin and thousands of Windows apps will be in the palm of your hand on your next Windows tablet.

HTC Sensation (codenamed Pyramid) gets unofficial detail

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Another day, another HTC device is unveiled. This time it is the HTC Sensation which had previously been known as the Pyramid, its codename.

While the device is yet to get an official unveiling, which could happen at HTC’s April 12th event, it does sport some decent specs such as Android 2.3 Gingerbread to bot, a 1.2GHz dual core Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM along with a 4.3 inch QHD resolution display and 8MP for its main camera along with a VGA front facing one for video calls.

On top of the Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread software is HTC Sense 3.0. While it has not changed drastically since the previous version, there are some nice features included an updated home screen, a more visually interesting media player and a load of bug fixes on both the underlining Android software and the Sense UI overlay.

Our guess is as good as yours as to when HTC might consider releasing such a phone but as we said before, if we had a guess it would be at the company’s April 12th event and by the looks of the photos for the event, it could definitely be a sensation, corny we know, but you get the point.

Source: Cnet

HTC sets conference date

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

It’s hard to imagine that just a few months and weeks ago HTC was responsible for unveiling some of the most anticipated devices of the year. The company has been on a roll of recently and with strong showings for the past two years at CES, MWC and CTIA in the United States the company has been sitting on top of a successful portfolio of devices.

As you might recall, just weeks ago the company unveiled the successor to the Sprint branded HTC Evo in the United States. Said device which will be dubbed the HTC EVO 3D will of course sport 3D among many other features. Well, thanks to an announced conference for the 12th of this month, it seems that those of us residing in the U.K could be getting a taste of Evo flavor as well.

The event is scheduled for April 12th as stated earlier in London Town and stars at 1:30PM. The invitation materials do not give any sort of hint as to what it could be with HTC just going as far to say “Join us to see what’s next.”

So why would we think that HTC could be announcing the HTC Evo 3D for the UK and most naturally the rest of Europe? Well thanks to one of the company’s official Twitter pages, they did confirm that an HTC Evo 3D would be coming to the UK and by the looks of things, it’s about time that HTC had a 3D boasting cellphone to compete with the likes of LG’s Optimus 3D and other 3D enabled devices.

Seeing that the 12th is a matter of days away, we don’t have long to wait, that said, don’t be surprised if HTC decides to pull out a 4G-less Evo 3D out of their hat on the 12th.

Source: Cnet

Nokia E6-00 gets video intro

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

As it would appear, those rumors and confirmed reports that Nokia was not going to drop Symbian cold-turkey are true. Thanks to blurry video of the Nokia E6-00, there seems to be much life in Symbian, albeit a final jolt of electricity through the dying platforms veins until the inevitable comes in a little less than 2 years.

No doubt if you have been keeping up with this blog you have seen us mentioned the portrait QWERTY touch screen device before. Other blogs have even taken pictures with the phones 8 megapixel EDoF camera. But if you have been waiting to see the touchscreen device doing the whole jingle thing for the camera, than thanks to the 2:44 video below, you should have an idea of what this phone is capable of. It seems that the phone will feature a CGA display along with some sort of 3G radio and of course Symbian^3 running the show. While these are not the most awesome specs witnessed on a device, they are decent specs for those looking for a phone with some decent specs.

We are yet to receive official word from Nokia on its plans to release this phone to the U.K and possibly Asia and certain parts of the Americas. However, the company is planning speedy release of its Symbian^3 devices and seeing that they have a good track record of doing so, we have no doubt that this will become official in the coming weeks. So while we wait, check out the video of the phone in action below.

Source: YouTube

Apple patent draws up thoughts of 3D enabled iPhone 5

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

We’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk about the iPhone 5. Recently rumors surfaced that not only will the phone not carry NFC support, but that the much speculated release date of June-July during the World Wide Developers Conference is not true and instead Apple would be pushing the release back into the holiday season of this year as it has been noticing a steady decline in its iPod line as iPad’s, iPod Touch’s and the iPhone have overtaken the company’s original iPod line in sales revenue.

Again we are hearing another set of rumors, this time involving the cameras on the rear of the device. Needless to say, Apple has been pushing photo and video capture in their devices as of recently and with iMovie already released for the iPad it should not come as a surprise that the next generation iPhone could receive some sort of spec bump in the camera department.

According to sources, that spec bump will come in the form of dual 3D cameras. What would make someone come to such a conclusion? Well the boys over at AppleInsider have unearthed the patent filings for some sort of “deterministic calculation for stereo disparity compensation.” Big terms we know, but basically this translates into some sort of device capable of shooting 3D video footage which would obviously require some sort of dual camera set up.

This patent dates back to 2009 so it’s not exactly recent and Apple has been known to file hundreds of patents, many of which never ever see the light of day. So this could be just another patent Apple is trying to secure just in case the need arises. However with the push of 3D by so many other major players in the mobile device industry, we would not be surprised if dual 3D cameras showed up on a future version of the iPhone.

Source: AppleInsider

BlackBerry Touch / Monaco gets unofficial first look

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Not long ago a roadmap of BlackBerry’s devices for the remainder of this year including the first half of next year was released. Within that set of leaked presentation slides which were filed as confidential were a slew of touchscreen devices including a Storm 3 and one codenamed Monaco which we understand has an official name: BlackBerry Touch.

In mid-February said device showed up in Verizon’s red branding which suggested that not only would Verizon receive such a device in the states but perhaps Vodofone here in the U.K. Thanks to BGR which was now been able to release prototype photos of said device, we have a better idea of what the phone will look like.

Thanks to a publication obtained by the same dudes over at BGR, the device should become official in May at RIM’s annual BlackBerry World event. Said device will run BlackBerry O.S 6.1 and will sport an LCD screen with a pixel count of 800 x 480. The device is said to use BlackBerry ID instead of a PIN for many of the phones key functions. Furthermore, according to BGR, the phone will not receive the Storm 3 nomenclature which would kind of make sense seeing that the company is trying to rebrand itself as more touch friendly and the last two storm devices were not exactly the most touch friendly devices thanks in no major part to the hardware but rather the O.S.

So far from the photos the OS does look like a solid upgrade and the U.I looks a lot better and more visually interesting than previous versions of BlackBerry O.S. We’re not about to jump to conclusions but with BlackBerry’s growth within the past quarters despite the competition posed by Android and iOS we think that the O.S will be around for quite some time now, unless they pull a Nokia on us.

Source: BGM