Vodafone’s UK network taken down by break-in

If you’re like some others in the UK who have their service through the Vodafone network, you might have woken up yesterday morning to your service interrupted or off altogether. 2G, 3G, SMS and Blackberry services were some of the services to go and it appeared to affect a significant portion of the Vodafone UK network.

As for the cause of the interruption, the company has attributed it to a break in at the Basingstoke exchange center. The company refused to go into detail and has not elaborated as to whether a suspect has been caught or if it was an inside or outside job.

As of now, many of the services are back up and more services are expected to be up in the coming hours. So if you’re one of those affected by the break in, be patient as the company is working on restoring service. Vodafone claims that the estimate of affected customers is “a couple hundred thousand users.” If those estimates should prove to be true, it would mean that only a fraction of it’s user base was affected by the outage.

So what does this say, burglary can affect your cellular calls, and it might not be the best time if you’re trying to place an all-important emergency call when such an outage comes, as many customers of Vodafone’s U.S partner, Verizon experienced earlier this month when over 10,000 calls to emergency dispatchers were dropped.

Source: Vodafone

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