Nokia Software Updater for Mac in beta

We’ve dreamed about this day for quite some time now, and it has finally come. Thanks to the few remaining devs in Nokia’s Symbian labs, Mac’s and Nokia are becoming a bit friendlier. Yes, Nokia is living in a post Symbian world as of the moment, but the company has not forgotten about its faithful customers who are still using the now dead platform.

It’s been a year since we got the software for Windows machines, but those who are in the hands of Steve Jobs can finally taste a piece of the pie as the beta for the Mac version of the software was pushed out today.

The Mac version of the software allows you to push core updates to your supported device as well as any apps you might find interesting on the Ovi Store. According to Nokia, there are no major warnings for the software except for the usual that says if you should unplug your device during an update, you could end up with an expensive plastic brick. But then again, that’s a warning that you get from almost any phone updating software including Microsoft and Apple’s iTunes software.

The Nokia Software Updater for Mac comes at a crucial point in Nokia’s history when the company is in the beginning stages of moving from Symbian in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform thanks to heavy bargaining from Microsoft and Elop (Nokia CEO) who was a former Microsoft executive. The company claims it will continue to support Symbian for years even though it plans to have Windows Phone 7 device out by years end. As for the company’s new view on MeeGo, the platform that was to replace Symbian, they claim that they will continue to support it and do plan to have a MeeGo device out by years end; however, their major push will be behind the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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