No iPhone 5 at WWDC?

If you’re like us, you’re probably tired of hearing all these rumors about iPhone 5s and when it might or might not launch. Well here goes another rumor that we’re sad to say might actually be true. According to some new reports, Apple’s WWDC conference, which kicks off on June 6th, will not be used to launch the iPhone 5, instead the conference will be used to solely push software innovations coming to the next version of iOS, Mac OS X as well as 200+ developer conferences where Mac developers can be trained in how to’s concerning Mac OS X development.

So when and where would Apple announce the iPhone 5 you might ask? According to such sources as All Thing’s D and others, sources that have been spot on concerning recent and past Apple rumors, the company will use their annual September event to launch the iPhone 5. As you might be aware of, in the recent quarters, Apple has been seeing it’s MP3 market share slowly slip, mainly due to the fact that many smartphones have built in media players and the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone have been cannibalizing sales of the iPod platform.

It would then make sense for the company to shift its focus from iPod Nano’s, Classics and Shuffles to iOS and the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone 5 as the look to find better ways of competing with Android.

As stated before, all these are just speculations but seeing the trend of current events in Cupertino, we would not be too surprised if all this played out exactly as the rumors go. That being said, we don’t have long to wait before we find out the truth.

Source: Digital Daily

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