BlackBerry PlayBoook to run Android apps, wise move?

Last week we got an official confirmation that BlackBerry would be introducing support for Android apps in the PlayBook. While the company hasn’t gone into any details on who to expect and what not to, it has informed the public and developer community that Android apps will run via some type of emulator.

While many are hailing this as a great move by Blackberry as it would allow the company’s new tablet to access well over 150,000 apps currently in the Android Marketplace, others are saying it might be a shot in the leg as it would discourage developers from developing for their new QNX platform (the platform the PlayBook currently runs on).

On one hand Blackberry is in a bind where it has traditionally been seen as a business oriented company even though their latest push into the consumer market has been successful, yet they are arriving to the tablet market with two of their biggest competitors already ahead of them.

It could be argued that the tablet market is young, and that is true. It could also be argued that as many more tablet OS platforms come to the market such as BlackBerry’s QNX, HP’s webOS (formerly Palm webOS), and Intel and Nokia’s Meego, customers will be bombarded with options and a tablet that is able to run hundreds of thousands of apps including those from the competition will better suite itself to play in such a diverse field. Also, with BlackBerry planning deep integration between their smartphones and the PlayBook, something that only HP is working on, it could prove compelling to BlackBerry owners to use a tablet that will support their favorite BlackBerry suite apps as well as apps from other markets.

Source: Engadget

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