Apple’s iPad event is in a few hours

In a little over nine hours, Apple will have an answer for the Xoom, Galaxy Tab 10.1, TouchPad, PlayBook, ASUS Slate and all the other tablet PC’s that are challenging its dominance. So far we are hearing rumors of what to expect from the announcement and though these are just rumors, the sources are credible and were right on for last year’s iPad announcement.

So far, we’re hearing that in addition to a thinner design, the device will be featuring a front facing camera. While early case mockup’s indicated that there would be a rear camera, many analysts are speculating that this will not be the case. You’ve been hearing this for weeks now so it probably goes without saying; don’t expect a high resolution screen from the device. That is being shelved for version 2.0 of the device and should come around with version 3.0.

The latest version of iOS will be doing the honors (4.3) and in addition to the set of new API’s and what not, we’re hearing that MobileMe will no longer be a paid subscription service but instead live in the free domain. Its features should also be greatly expanded so prepare to be angry for paying $99 for last year’s subscription.

Last but not least, we would expect that the target launch date of this device will be sometime in April to coincide with the release of all the other major tablets and seeing Apple has a great track record of releasing devices very soon after announcement, we wouldn’t expect this to be otherwise.

The Apple iPad 2 live event will take place in San Francisco at 6PM London time (10AM Pacific Standard Time). We’ll have the latest details for you than so be sure to stay tuned.

Source: Engadget

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