White iPhone 4 hitting UK in March?

If you’re like us, you’re probably quite tired of all these rumors that build up your hopes and then drop them lower than they were. Like seriously, how long can it take to bring an iPhone with the color “blanco” to the market? Most naturally, by the time it arrives, we’ll be waiting for the iPhone 5.

That said, we’re hearing that the iPhone 4 White Edition will be landing in the UK next month. You might be wondering where these rumors surfaced, well after photo spaces clearly appeared on Apple’s online store saying that “The white iPhone 4 will be available in spring 2011” and thanks to statements released in October of last year, these tipsters believe that the UK could be getting lucky with the iPhone hitting Vodofone in March.

Remember that Apple originally said the iPhone 4 White would be available in July of last year. Then thanks to unforeseen complications in the manufacturing process, it was delayed until “later this year.” As many can see, “this year” has past more than a month ago and still no white iPhone, so forgive our suspicion that this could be another false rumor.

That said, Google hasn’t been doing too badly about bringing a white version of its flagship device to the market. It’s no iPhone 4, but with the same if not better internal specs, we’re wondering what is holding Apple back. If we had a guess, it could be the fact that Apple realizes the problems it suffered due to its faulty antenna design and the fact that the glass on the back of the iPhone has been known to crack when it gets in contact with dust particles in cases. It could be that Apple is trying to right these wrongs with the white version.

Source: Pocket Lint

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