Sony Xperia Play retail booths leaked

Sony Ericsson is getting ready to release the Xperia Play which is their answer to nothing on the market seeing it will be one of the few phones that have been dedicated to gaming. The last attempt made by Nokia and the N-Gage didn’t work out as well as they wanted and at such it was discontinued. But with Sony’s large pockets and the fact that they are a veteran in the gaming industry, hopefully this might be a better attempt, one that actually ticks.

That said, images of the Xperia Play (aka The PSP Phone) have leaked out for some time now and the device has even been given quite extensive demos of not only the Android software, but the gaming strengths of the device.

And now we have images of what the retail booths for the Xperia Play should look like. The retail booths have images of games on the front of them along with booths on top for three Xperia Play devices. With paperwork under them explaining the internals and highlights of the devices.

Interestingly, there is an image of T-Mobile’s logo on the side of the booths. Call us suckers but we wouldn’t be surprised if this device were heading solely to T-Mobile in the United States and Europe. Such a move makes us wonder if SE is planning to make this exclusive or not as it is imperative for them to have a multicarrier portfolio in order for this device to provide real competition in a world where carrier exclusives devices are quickly coming to an end.

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of this. Thankfully, it is less than two weeks till Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain and  Sony Ericsson will be there, so stay tuned.

Source: All About Phones

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