Samsung Tocco Icon (Samsung Star II) coming to Orange UK

Oh Samsung, when will the endless update of phones end? Then again, we need choice right? And choice Sammy has given us, first with the Ace and now with the Star II which will be heading to Orange UK as the Tocco Icon. Don’t ask me what got into the head of Samsung’s naming departing regarding this device’s unique name but I guess it works.

The handset’s model number is S5230 and it will be an affordable 2G touchscreen phone with a WQVGA display on a three inch display. Samsung is including its TouchWiz UI with heavy social media integration. There is Wi-Fi and surprisingly, Bluetooth 3.0 (not 2.x) comes on the device along with a 3.5mm headset jack for listening tunes. There is an HTML browser for all your web browsing needs as well as 3.15 megapixel camera to record your friends most embarrassing moments and share them with the world. Oh and while we’re at it, you get a microSD card to store said photos on.

The phone will be available to Orange UK customers only on PAYG account and so far we have no mention of a price from Orange’s website. That said, we’re sure a few people will admire the device and who knows, there might be something to get from the on board accelerometer and TFT capacitive screen.

On the other hand one could always wait for the next 72 hours when Mobile World Congress becomes a reality and Samsung will pull the latest mobile phones from their magical hats. But if the idea of a feature phone without a true operating system (no Android here) sounds like a good option, then you are welcome to start saving those pennies which we figure you’ll need a few hundreds of them.

Source: Unwired View

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