Motorola Xoom Street Egg ad released

Motorola has not been experiencing the best of press in the last days leading up to the official launch of the Motorola Xoom tablet. Thanks to news leaked earlier this week that the device will not be supporting Flash at launch, though we should add this has nothing to do with Motorola but rather Adobe, to the extremely high price point that puts it way above the price range of its direct competitor, the Apple iPad to the lack of 4G at launch. However, those still interested in the tablet might want to take into account that Motorola has lightened the load some with the information that the tablet will not feature the infamous bootloader lockers and encryptions that are attached to its phones, which should make customizing the tablet pretty easy.

That aside, the company has gone ahead and released a new trailer for the device which is set to hit store shelves in the United States this Thursday (February 24th, 2011) and the trailer is a bit scary, albeit interesting.

In the video a man is walking down a boardwalk when his eyes spots a Motorola Xoom tablet hovering in the air. He holds it and all of a sudden a futuristic space capsule encapsulates him while he is still using the device. The commercial then ends with the release date, name and service provider of the Xoom tablet.

While the add is quite original, we’re hoping that Motorola decides to do something about the price point of the Xoom as whoever buys it will surely be in a capsule. Hopefully, if a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n version comes to market, we could see some major price drops that would bring it in line with the iPad. But seeing no official date is announced for such a launch as yet, we would not keep our fingers crossed.

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