Microkia: The partnership of two giants

It was a clear message that Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop sent to his company. The world is changing and we are not changing fast enough. Elop is not one to beat around the bush and skew facts; he made it clear that if Nokia did not change their direction, they would be eclipsed forever by Google, Apple and the reemerging RIM.

Yes the company has had MeeGo on the table for quite some time now as the answer to Android and iOS but as Elop said in his press conference today, MeeGo is not moving at a pace suitable for deployment in the near future and R&D is taking a lot longer than the company officially thought. Although he company will not abandon MeeGo completely, Nokia has said that from now on Windows Phone 7 will be the major OS for their devices from here on out.

The partnership between the companies solidifies years of collaboration between the software giant and he cellphone manufacturer giant. Nokia will be allowed to customize Windows Phone 7 as much as they like, something Microsoft has forbidden other OEM’s from doing, though Nokia is quick to say that they will only do minor modifications to keep themselves different from the rest. Speaking of different, Nokia revealed that they had been in talks with Google to bring Android to their ecosystem, but thanks to the lack of customizability and the tight lock Google has on Android, they dropped the idea of running Android on their phones.

Bing Maps will be ported to Nokia phones and Nokia’s Ovi Maps will see some of its features integrated with Bing Maps. Their Ovi App Store will also see integration with Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and yes, Xbox gaming will be making its way to all Nokia phones running Windows Phone 7.

Although both companies did not specify a timetable when customers will be able to get their hands on devices from the joint partnership, they have said it will be before the end of 2011 as well as Nokia has said that a MeeGo device (N9?) will be coming before years end as well.

Source: Nokia

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