LG Optimums 3G

It’s not clear as yet, but the above photo is believed to be that of the forthcoming LG Optimus 3D, a device that for the most part has been unknown due to the fact that LG has it under wraps because it is planning an official unveiling at MWC in just two weeks.

That said, it looks like the phone will feature some type of 3D display which would be the first among a cellphone. More importantly, the screen looks to be a little larger then what it was originally thought of at 4 inches. Thanks to the above photos, it’s looking more like 4.3 inches and just like many of its upcoming competitors, it will be sporting dual-core processor and multi-channel RAM. The processor manufacturer is said to be NVIDIA who will be providing the 1GHz chip, if not more, that will be running the device.

So far we have no more information but LG does seem to be ramping up their effort to compete against the likes of HTC and Samsung. Thanks to T-Mobile, they will be releasing one of the first 4G tablets in the U.S which we understand will also make it to the U.K shores, albeit without the 4G’s though we’re sure the T-Mobile branding will make the voyage.

Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona Spain next month and with that LG will be taking the time to announce its plans for 2011 which we’re sure will include enough new information about tablets and Tegra 2 powered cellphones.

Hopefully more information on the Optimus 3D will surface and hopefully it’s running nothing less than Gingerbread. One specific speculator claims the device could arrive as soon as the holiday season and that couldn’t be too farfetched as that would be the all crucial time in order for good sales numbers.

Source: Phandroid

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