iPhone 5 to debut between June 5th and 9th?

Apple is staying mull about their plans on the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. So far the company has not released any information as to the device or any detail regarding it’s launched. But if we’re to believe the latest rumors, Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 at its WWDC conference between June th and the 9th. Those are the dates that Apple has booked the Moscone Center in San Francisco for this years event.

According to the Moscone Center’s website, the event is listed as a “Corporate Meeting” with an anonymous description. This is generally the type of description that is used to refer to Apple’s events at the Moscone Center.

It has been traditional for the company to announce the next generation of the iPhone at the WWDC in the Moscone Center each year in the month of June while saving huge announcements and product launches for its other divisions for the months of January (computers etc.) and September for its musical line.

Other rumors have said that Apple is indeed planning to launch the iPhone 5 which will be a world phone and work on both the GSM and the CDMA bands meaning one model would work on both networks. More importantly, it is said that the iPhone 5 will feature NFC as well as a faster processor and an updated storage.

The iPad 2 which is also rumored to be revised at said event will be getting similar treatments, an updated processor, dual cameras, one for HD recording on the back and a front facing camera for FaceTime and Skype. We’re hearing that the previously spied IPS screens will be held off until version 3.0 which makes sense seeing Apple generally likes to bring updates in a timely manner and not everything at once.

Source: Cult of Mac

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