HTC Wildfire S Coming to UK

With all the talk of dual core smartphones and Android Gingerbread and “Ice Cream’ looming in the distance, one might forget that there is still 2011 and we’ve just gotten Gingerbread from Google. The Wildfire S from HTC which debuted at Mobile World Congress this week is an Android smartphone that is designed for those who want a smartphone but not looking for something as powerful as an Evo or Galaxy S II. So performance junkies beware, the following specs might disappoint.

At the core of the device is a 600MHz processor single core processor. Yes we know the popularity of the dual-core CPU’s is on the rise and quad-core is right around the corner, but HTC has decided to stick with yesteryear’s specs. The display is double that of its predecessor but still short of the WVGA displays we’re seeing slowly becoming the de facto for smartphones these days. On the other hand, there is a reasonable good 5MP camera that sports autofocus and LED flash. GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n are included as the latest Bluetooth 3.0 spec and 3G connectivity.

In case you’re wondering, the answer is no, HTC is not aiming this device at the male market. Even though the name would suggest something wild and awesome, it is geared at the female market. That doesn’t mean that you might not like the device for a midrange choice. But we’re sure there will be more than a few customers who find the HTC Wildfire S appealing.

The device drops in Europe as well as Asia in the second quarter of this year. We don’t have specifics on a suggested price as of yet, but off a contract, we speculate we could see somewhere south of £350.

Source: HTC

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