HTC and LG devices show up in inventory

Mobile World Congress is less than a week away and already there is much talk and speculation on what will and won’t be announced there. For now, we are certain that Samsung has something big in store as they prepare to reveal to the world the next generation of Galaxy S devices. HTC is said to be prepping a flagship smartphone, one that will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well as run on a GSM network and of course who can forget the rumors of their tablet as well? Last but not least, LG will be announcing the world’s first 3D cellphone as well as the first 3D tablet (last one is a speculation).

That said, we’re getting new information about the rumored existence of an HTC device by the code name of Desire 2. Of course you will recall this is the European version of the Evo. We also have some more information that there will also be a tablet dubbed the HTC Flyer which will be around the size of the Galaxy Tab, at least in screen real estate.

On to the news of LG, we’re hearing that the Korean company has a new device out called the Optimus 3D. as the name would suggest, the device has a 3D screen, and we’re hearing from reliable sources that there will be the inclusion of a camera that can also record in 3D. LG is also expected to announce the Star Tab which is a European version of the Optimus Tab which will be heading to the United States sometime this year.

We’re not going to hold our breath just yet, but if this is the case, it could be just a bit more interesting to pay attention to both company’s MWC keynote.

Source: Fonearena

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