EU pricing for Xperia Play, Pro and Neo discovered

Even though Sony Ericcson came clean on the Xperia Play (Sony PlayStation Phone), the Pro and Neo, the company failed to offer pricing details on said devices. Of course, this could be because the devices are not in the final stages of software testing, even though they do have the latest hardware, or it could be that the company is just trying to drum up support for all three devices.

However, thanks to @aqnx, we are speculating that the prices for all three devices here in Europe could be as follows. The Xperia Play (to be expected), is the most expensive of the bunch with a suggested retail price of €649 which works out to be £546. The Xperia Arc will clock in at €599 or £546. As for the Xperia Pro, that will cost you a cool €499 or the equivalent of £420 while the Xperia Neo will ring up to €479 or £546.

If this pricing should hold true, it should be noted that it is still an MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) and not an actual guarantee of what the price will be. But still it will be great to see these enter a world of Android which for the most part has been dominated by the likes of LG, Samsung and HTC. If Sony can get enough developers behind it’s gaming platform for Android and convince customers that said devices are indeed better than the competition, we could have ourselves a winner here. More importantly, seeing that the Next Generation PlayStation is going to support the same titles found on the Xperia Play it could mean a huge boost in sales for Sony. The Xperia Play will be launching sometime this year with over 30 titles on board initially.

Source: Xperia Blog

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