LG launching a non-4G G-Slate in the UK?

LG is bringing the first “4G” tablet to T-Mobile in the U.S this summer. But it looks like the company has other plans for said tablet as well. James Choi, marketing strategy and planning team director of LG Electronics, was asked about the company’s plans to concerning the LG G-Slate. He gave the following answer:

“That information isn’t available yet. The first announcement was for the Americas. We are planning another announcement pretty soon”.

It’s too early to speculate when such an announcement could happen, but seeing that MWC, Mobile World Congress, is on the horizon and LG has always had a presence at the event, it wouldn’t be too much to speculate that they could use the venue to announce the existence of a 4G lacking slate that is aimed at EU markets.

This would make perfect sense seeing that 4G markets outside the U.S are all but none existent, but the market for tablets is global. Choi did go on to say the following though: “For the iPad you have the Wi-Fi version, the 3G version, different kinds of versions”, explains Choi. “I’ll put it to you this way, even if the 4G version isn’t in the UK…” Choi was cut off by his PR chaperone who interjected the following midsentence: “It’s one of the key products that we are working on, so we’re trying to keep a tight lid on it.”

If that is not a confirmation of a tablet, I wonder what could be. But we don’t have long to wait as MWC is right around the corner and the company has promised that it will be announcing some big details there within the next month or so.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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