This Year in Mobile Phones

Has time flown by that fast? Time really has a way of creeping up on us and showing us all how many changes can happen in a span of twelve months. For those wondering how this year has been for the smart phone industry, here’s a quick rundown of all the big highlights that has passed us by.

First off, the year started out with a bang that was the launch of the Google Nexus One. This is the first Google branded handset and also showed off what the Android mobile platform could really achieve. Despite the relatively slow sales of the device, Google succeeded in setting a new bar for smart phone technology. Phones such as the HTC Desire, XPERIA X10, Galaxy S and others soon followed the path that Google paved.

Microsoft made the biggest surprise at the Mobile World Congress by giving us all a teaser of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform –with none other than Andy Rubin giving the demonstration. As awed as we were, the actual release of the platform this October proved to be the real surprise for all.

Apple once again managed to antagonize plenty of folks in the tech industry. Mostly starting with the whole fuss with Adobe; after the iOS 4.0 SDK rules came out, it became pretty obvious that Steve Jobs was cutting off all possibilities of Flash support –and thus encouraging Adobe to support other platforms instead. The whole Apple fiasco did not end there. Despite the extremely successful sales of the iPhone 4, the device’s launch was marred by the fact that the antenna on the handset was very faulty.

Nokia on the other hand did not have much of a good year. The N8 handset was delayed for several months (from April to October) and lost Nokia plenty of market interest and of course, sales. The sudden lack of support for the Symbian OS by Samsung and Sony Ericsson also affected the Finnish phone maker badly as well.

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