The Next in Mobile Tech: Tablets and Gaming

Tablets are now the next big gadget to own at home. Sure, they certainly serve a lesser practical purpose than a smart phone or a net book, but they are so convenient that not having one seems to be pretty close to a sin.

The Apple iPad has shown the world how easy it is to just pick up a tablet, browse the latest news updates, send a quick email, check your social networking account and even read a digital book in just one sitting, using just one device –all without both the hassle of fiddling around with a net book.

Samsung takes it a little further with the Android Galaxy Tab. This touch screen tablet may be smaller, but the size is so ergonomically sound that reading eBooks for long periods is preferable on the Tab than on the iPad –mostly due to the iPad’s significantly larger size.

Flash support is another major issue. There are plenty of great websites on the internet that use Flash content –not only for media, but also for navigation purposes as well. In this sense, Apple’s web experience is lacking one very important aspect.

The Galaxy Tab has just hit the 1 million sales mark recently and is a testament to how strong the importance of ergonomic design and Flash support is to the tech industry.

Sony Ericsson’s new Zeus smart phone (also called as the Z1) has been shown in a new video. This new vid highlights the use of the Android 2.3 Éclair OS on the new handset. The gaming controls have also been shown off, showcasing a directional pad and control buttons.

The only thing lacking now is the Playstation brand –which seems to be out of the question and makes one wonder what sort of game this new device will be able to attract. Without SCE backing the device, the gaming phone would hardly be impressive at all.

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