The Google Nexus S: What Can You Do With It?

Samsung and Google have both teamed up to bring to the world the amazing Nexus S smart phone, but appreciating this beauty of a phone is not quite the only thing one can do. The device is filled to the brim with features and functions; and here is a quick list of some of the simplest things you can do to make the experience a lot better.

First off, bring back the comma to the onscreen keyboard; this is an issue since a new button, the “voice input” button, has taken over the spot where the comma originally was. Good thing is, there is a simply setting that one can adjust to fix this. Simply go straight to the Android keyboard settings and turn off the voice input keyboard button.

If you tend to keep an eye on your phone’s energy consumption; Google allows users to see an in-depth view of how the phone makes use of the battery. There is a graph you can check at the “About Phone” menu and click the battery icon to see the full breakdown.

For many, managing apps is one of the biggest chores in any smart phone (even for the iPhone). Fortunately, there is one menu in the Android OS that lists down everything you have downloaded and installed, and it also provides a one hit button for un-installation procedures: the Android Market. Oddly enough, this online menu still keeps a great deal of content, even telling you of apps you installed but have forgotten.

Anyway, we may have suggested that the voice button be removed from the virtual keyboard, but the bottom line is that voice is the big new function for the handset. There is voice search, voice commands and even voice dictation for writing down long notes. It is fast and surprisingly easy to do, not to mention the fact that Google’s hardware and software for detecting voice is uncanny.

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