SE’s Zeus Z1 Gaming Phone Gets a Release Date

2011 is just around the corner and now is a great time to start looking ahead at all the great tech that is coming our way. One special mention is none other than Sony Ericsson’s gaming smart phone that is due to arrive in March of next year. While there device could still be subject to a few delays and unpredictable issues, this is certainly something to look forward to –at the very least, knowing that it will be released by the month of March gives us all time to adjust our budgets.

But is the so-called Playstation phone really worth investing on? Before we go about throwing titles, the nickname of Playstation phone did not originate from Sony Ericsson, but from eager fans. The fact of the matter is this device might not be Playstation branded at all. While Sony may have allowed SE to actually use the button icons for the device (the square, circle, triangle and cross buttons), the fact is that no form of Playstation branding appears on the handset. This is evidently seen in the initial images of the Zeus Z1. While this may change once the device is manufactured (it would be so easy to squeeze in the logo or brand name), the current status quo for the handset is that it will not be a Playstation phone.

Still, this device will certainly have gaming at its core. The direction pad, shoulder triggers and the buttons all confirm this: precision gaming controls. This will certainly be enticing for developers to create games that require very precise controls to be enjoyable (action platformers, fighting games, flight simulations).

As for the shoulder triggers –these have never been seen in images, but the SDK for the Android 2.3 reveals event code for L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons (which is Sony’s famous names for the shoulder triggers).

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