Nokia Offers Special X3 Deal; Acer and Huawei Confirm New Androids

For those of you who are hoping to great a great budget deal for a mobile phone this holiday season, Finnish phone maker Nokia has a great package that may seem expensive at first, but actually provides users with plenty of value.

Go straight to Nokia’s official online store to avail of a special offer for the Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type smart phone. The handset is available for free at a monthly tariff of 40 Pounds per month. This 2 year contract will provide the user with 1200 minutes, 1GB of data and unlimited texting. While this may seem like a commonly fair deal, Nokia tops it off with a sweet free Nokia Booklet 3G. This mini-netbook and smart phone combination is a great combination that smart phone enthusiasts would not want to pass up.

There are three awesome Android smart phones coming our way, two from Chinese manufacturer Huawei and another from Acer.

Acer is continuing the beTouch series of smart phones with the E140. This low end smart phone might be passed up on its low specs, but we suspect that it will also come with a very low price tag that will make it a tempting offer. Overall, the 2.8 inch touch screen and the 3.2 mega pixel camera leave much to be desired –but at least the device is already running version 2.2 Froyo so this is still one good Android experience waiting to happen.

Huawei has got a double offer for the tech industry with the Ideos X5 and X6 handsets. For those familiar with the brand series, Ideos is Huawei’s special line of Android phones and the two new additions live up to the standard. The X6 offers high end specs with a 1GHz CPU, 4.1 inch screen, HDMI, HD recording and a 5 mega pixel camera. The X5 will be sporting slightly lowers specs to provide buyers with an alternative.

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