Motorola Stingray Teaser Video Released

It is all fair sport in the advertising world, and companies can and will point fingers at each other and laugh if it helps boost their products. Motorola has taken a quick jab at both Apple and fellow Android supporters Samsung on their tablet devices as the company prepares the world for their upcoming Stingray unveiling at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show this coming 2011.

According to the advertisement, the iPad is basically a giant iPhone. While it was meant to be a criticism, a second look at the tech specs reveals that Motorola was a bit off. Calling the iPad a giant iPhone gives it more credit than what is due. For one thing, the iPad lacks texting and calling capabilities, and of course, the lack of a camera on the tablet is pretty evident.

The Galaxy Tab on the other hand, was called an Android OS device, but using an Android OS for a mobile phone –which is more on the spot and actual state of the device. Even Google has specifically stated that the pre-Honeycomb versions of the open source platform are not optimized for use with tablet devices.

Where this criticism fails is in forgetting the fact that Samsung could easily update the tablet to the latest version of the OS (unless Motorola paid off a very expensive exclusivity deal on the Honeycomb –or at least, a time delay before a multi-device patch comes out).

So are we excited about the Stingray? For all accounts, we are pretty much expecting another Galaxy Tab that simply has an updated Android OS. Aside from that, the specs are pretty much what we would expect to see from a high end tablet these days. What would change the game is if the Stingray provided us with a faster dual core processor and impressive graphics capabilities as well as a high internal memory capacity –of course, all of that would still need to be complemented by a whole new line of made-for-tablet apps in the Android Market.

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