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The Optimus 2X, LG’s super smart phone has been announced in Korea just a while back. Now, we are happy to know that the device is definitely headed to the UK. According to reports, the handset will be released Q1 2011, but LG still has yet to disclose an official date. In any case, many are expecting to see the smart phone shown off at the CES this coming January. The Optimus 2X is officially the first handset in the market to make use of the NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU.

NVIDIA has certainly been able to make the new holy grail of the smart phone industry by providing us all with a CPU that is both high speed and energy efficient, and many engineers would tell you that energy efficiency is far more important than sheer speed. The Tegra 2 chip is so highly regarded that even Samsung has put in an order for over £200 million worth of the processors.

Many believe that these chips will be used in a wide array of Samsung’s devices, ranging from tablets to smart phones and even some of their smaller netbooks.

Did we mention that the Android OS is going to overtake the Symbian platform in a few years? According to IDC, we’re wrong, the Android will overtake the older platform by the end of this coming 2011. Considering that the Symbian OS is losing plenty of ground (and the fact that very few devices using the platform will be coming out), there is little doubt that the Android’s fast growth and distribution will be able to easily keep up.

Also, the fact that the Symbian Foundation is now a licensing organization means that the development of the OS takes a backseat priority. Nokia will also be focusing on their Intel co-developed MeeGo platform too.

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