Mobile News: Today’s Highlights

The Bada operating system has just celebrated its first year in the smart phone industry. With now well over a million devices sold and plenty more expected, the Samsung made mobile platform is certainly carving out its own niche. Admittedly, the system still has to go a long way (and it is a pretty small niche), but considering how new the system is and that this is Samsung’s first proprietary system, the performance of the Bada is quite impressive.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 owners will finally get to try out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile platform. However, this will not be through an officially released update. The features will be running straight from a ROM emulator. While this provides little practical use, it does prove that the X10 does have the hardware needed to run the new OS.

HTC has announced that the Wildfire smart phone will also be getting an update to Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo. The announcement just came in right after they officially stated that the HTC Legend will be updated just a day ago. The big announcement is certainly great news for the owners of the communication based Wildfire handset.

Huawei’s Ideos smart phone is now officially available in local stores. According to sources, the new budget Android will be priced at a nice 150 Pound price tag. Those who have been hoping to start switching to the Android might find this device as a great fit since it is also available for free when under a contract. Mobile retailer eXpansys currently has the device in stock.

Samsung is making people enticed to by the Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet. According to reports, buying a Tab now will net users with 200 GBP worth of media content. The limited offer deal will be running from this December until the first week of February and provides users with over 50 tracks from eMusic, 15 films from the Samsung online store, 7 Gameloft titles and 5 eBooks -pretty sweet deal for a holiday tablet.

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