Latest Mobile Tech: 3D, SLCD, and QLED

If there are two categories of electronics that are receiving constant upgrades and innovations in terms of technological advancements, it is hard to think of better examples than the computer and mobile phone industries. While computer parts have been getting better at a constant rate, it is hard to deny the fact that the growth of mobile phone technology is far more accelerated.

HTC is pushing their luck with the first Android 3D handset to be launched. While certainly interesting, it is hard to fathom how 3D could be a truly significant contribution to the smart phone industry. Unlike the use of 4G networks, HD video recording and flexible touch screens, 3D is one aspect of entertainment that simply does not fit with portable technology.

This mostly centers on providing users with parallax screen technology, but in the long run, who would actually bother appreciating 3D images on a such as small display and on a device meant to be used when you are outside the house?

Korean phone maker Samsung is working on a more practical display technology: LCDs. The appearance of AMOLED touch screens has certainly put a wide gap between LCDs and LEDs, but in the end, it is the LCDs that are proving that it is easier to manufacture. In fact, even HTC is slowly replacing the AMOLED phones with Super LCD screens. According to reports, Samsung’s new tech is being named as the Super PLS LCD –which is far superior to the already impressive IPS LCD screens we see today.

LG is not too keen on turning away from LED technology just yet however. In a recent report, it has been announced that LG’s latest developed technology is the Quantum Dot LED screen, or simply put, the QLED. They say that this new display will provide the same quality of images as AMOLED screens do, but this time, with even less power consumption.

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