HTC Magic Update for Froyo Coming, Nokia E7 is Delayed

Sad news for those waiting for Nokia’s upcoming E7 handset; the touch screen smart phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard was originally due for release early next year. However, due to some unconfirmed reasons, the device has been indefinitely delayed.

Still, many are hopeful (even within Nokia’s camp) that whatever issue is holding the handset back will be fixed pretty soon.

This Symbian^3 powered handset is not the first of its type to be delayed –the Nokia N8 also suffered from the same problem. In fact, Nokia spent most of its time last year announcing further delays to the N-series device that was supposed to have launched last April. Eventually, the phone came out around October to November, which is probably one of the worst delays to have ever affected a smart phone’s launch.

The Nokia E7 delay is such a big shame since the handset is actually pretty impressive. In fact, one might even say that it is more well rounded that the N-series N8. The E7 is packed with an 8 mega pixel camera with 720p HD video recording, a 680MHz CPU with a 3D graphics accelerator, a 4 inch touch screen display and gorilla glass protection.

Moving on to good news, the HTC Magic will be getting an unexpected update: to Android 2.2 Froyo. The original generation 1 Android handset (next to the HTC Dream) is confirmed to be getting a special version of the new Froyo update for the open source mobile platform. So far, it has not been determined as to when the actual Vodafone exclusive (for now) update will arrive, but it is expected to be available by the end of the year.

As some might expect, not all features are supported –especially those that are resource draining such as Flash playback. But other details such as USB tethering and app support in micro SD cards are much welcome add-ons to the now-ancient smart phone.

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