Future Forecast: Mobile Phone Cameras

Chances are, you have already seen the initial images of Sony Ericsson’s latest gizmo: a smart phone loaded with a 16 mega pixel camera. Sure, there is another Sony Ericsson made handset that is making the headlines a lot, but the XPERIA Play (or Zeus Z1) is taking the phone to a direction that not too many people are hot about. Cameras on the other hand, are here to stay –and being the first with a 16 mega pixel cam on the street is certainly earning SE plenty of ‘cred’.

Since the very first VGA resolution cameras came out on mobile phones, people found the combination of the gadgets to be the perfect blend. Much like MP3 playback and radio are now considered to be staple features of most devices, so is the inclusion of a camera. This accessibility to a digital image recorder lets anyone take a quick snapshot of people, events and things that they would like to keep for memories or share with friends and family –for nostalgia or even just a couple of laughs.

These days, the norm for smart phones is a 5 mega pixel camera with 720p HD video recording capability. It may seem a little much, but with the HDTV slowly becoming a standard, it will not be hard to imagine what our regular will be like in the next few years.

In the meanwhile, phone manufacturers are all racing to get the highest mega pixel counts. But that is not the only future for the camera. While the general conception is “more pixels the better”, there are also some other functions that many companies should focus on such as steady shot features, non digital zooming, better flash technology (though Xenon flash is already pretty decent) and more.

Not surprisingly, Sony’s Cybershot team is leading the race in both mega pixel count and hardware features –this makes us wonder when the first 3G, texting and voice call-capable DSLR device will be coming out

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