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3 UK has confirmed the prices for their iPad tariffs. While not that many people are now interested in Apple’s touch screen tablet (mostly due to the lack of Flash), the prices that 3 is offering will certainly make some think twice. The device is subsidized at a low price of 199 Pounds under a 25 Pound monthly tariff –which is great value considering the monthly allowance.

Of course, the MVNO is not the only one offering the 9.7 inch tablet. Tesco has also confirmed that they too have the iPad in stock and will be offering it on credit –making the device readily accessible. T-Mobile and Orange UK are also offering the iconic gadget as well.

Carphone Warehouse is not only offering the iPad tablet (they have it at 429 Pounds, SIM free), but they are also going to be exclusively selling the Nokia C6-01 Symbian smart phone. It’s a great dual combination of tablet and smart phone, which means that if you’ve got enough on your holiday spending budget, this might be a good choice, unless you are waiting for the iPad 2.

Apple is actually killing interest in the original iPad thanks to their official statement implying that the iPad 2 is already in the works. The device will be sporting a built in camera as well.

Speaking of Apple’s gadgets, a new app for the iPhone has been created allowing consumers to check if the products or brands they support practice humane measures for the production, packaging and shipping of their goods. The anti-slavery app acts quite similar to a green app (which informs buyers if the product has been produced by a green company).

If this is the future of consumerism –providing buyers with instant information that allows them to support products based on their principles, then smart phones are truly enabling our society to become better each day.

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