Consumer Choices and Smart Phones

HTC’s CEO seems to have the beat of the smart phone market: give people choices. This is the one thing that some successful companies that Apple fails to recognize, and in many ways, influence how people see a certain brand or company.

Take the Apple iPhone; it has always been a matter of having only one choice for Apple’s fans. Whether cut and paste is present or not, whether it has a camera or not, all these little things are decided by Apple and users who want an iPhone will not have a choice.

But by providing consumers with variety, choices and options, the market starts to flourish. Of course, the argument does sound a lot weaker considering that despite the stiff structure that Apple has provided consumers in terms of products; it is the Apple devices that have been able to sell the most in the fewest days –easily setting several sales records.

But make no mistake, the future is still about choice and that is something that various phone makers are now starting to provide for their consumers.

According to the big man himself, “HTC will let the consumer decide.” Thus goes the words of CEO Peter Chou, and seeing the first leaks of the upcoming HTC products, it is easily seen that the man does back his words.

The tablet industry is going to see a very solid range of devices from the Taiwan phone maker. Already we know that they will be working on Android and WP7 devices, but it has also been hinted that there will be variety in terms of screen size and other hardware issues.

HTC’s Scorpion handset, aimed to be released in 2011 is the current high end option for Android devices that HTC is offering, So far, no WP7 equivalent has been shown though we can also expect that a similar device will be in the works.

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