Coming Soon: Newer Tech for Mobiles

When Windows Phone 7 was first announced in this year’s Mobile World Congress, Steve Ballmer left out the fact that there would be no copy and paste. The issue was not brought up until several months later and much to the dismay of expectant fans, it came true when the mobile platform finally came out last October.

But now, it seems that the WP7 OS really needs cut and paste technology. It is a simple function that has left many wondering why it was never put in the platform to begin with. In any case, Microsoft has already seen the light and that is why they are adding in the feature for an upcoming OS update due to come out early next year.

Of course, copy-pasting is not going to be the only new feature implemented in the update. According to reports, the new OS will be getting an update so massive that we might as well call it the Windows Phone 8. So far, no other exact details regarding the upcoming changes have been revealed, but we are certainly excited about it.

Speaking of OS updates, the Apple iOS will be getting its own overhaul. This time, as opposed to bringing new phone features, the OS update will be streamlining the system’s overall power consumption settings: in short, it will make your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch battery last longer. This has been made possible with a new technology that manages bandwidth by allowing it to “sleep” from 3G communications when not needed.

Apple also has another surprise for the tech industry as they have revealed the manufacturer of the camera for the iPad 2. While the actual information about Largan Precision is not all that impressive, the real news here is that Apple is more or less confirming the iPad 2 and more importantly, they have also confirmed that the tablet will finally have a built in camera.

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