BlackBerry in Focus: 3D and More

The latest big thing for BlackBerry: 3D.

The technology is making waves in the movie industry. While earning the ire and disdain of many movie critics (who take a pan at recently launched movies being a little too novelty for their own good), 3D is a visual element that certainly draws in people to the visual media a whole lot more than conventional displays. Bring in HD video to the mix and one gets a true immersive experience.

On a mobile phone however, this is quite different. 3D is hard to appreciate on a small screen, let alone when you’re on the go, in a busy lobby or anywhere else that is not the relative comfort of the privacy one can only get at home. Still, it would be interesting to see what Research in Motion will be able to pull off.

Mike Lazaridis, current co-CEO for RIM has taken the stage to talk about the future plans for the company and for the BlackBerry brand. With the smart phone industry now slowly taking over the business market for mobile devices, the need for a new strategy is going to be important for BlackBerry to stay on top of its game. Android is already growing far beyond RIM and rival company Apple has a solid level of success that has surpassed the Canadian phone maker.

However, as excited as the tech industry was to hear the news straight from Lazaridis, many felt disappointed at the way most answers skirted around the questions as opposed to actually providing the world with sensible information. When asked about the expected launch date for the BlakBerry PlayBook tablet, the answer was “We’re tracking Q1”. While somewhat acceptable, Mike chose not to expand (even when asked), leaving people wondering what exactly the man meant by tracking the launch date.

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