Why Patent Wars Happen

It has been said before, but we will say it again: war never changes. It may take different forms, but there is always an aggressor and there will always be a defender, the only thing that varies is the point. But as for cause, that remains the same –budget and profit.

Apple is one of the most often spotted in the court mobile phone companies (though the Cupertino based company is actually so much more than just phones). It may be due to Steve Jobs completely abrasive personality of the heavy reliance of Apple on its legal department. Everyone else gets to spend pretty much an equal amount of court time as almost all manufacturers have to deal with patent infringement lawsuits and more.

But the real point of the patent wars is that everyone wants to stop the sales of their competition.

A recent lawsuit case could potentially prevent the sales of the Apple iPhone from the United States and other regions in the world. Such a drastic move could severely hamper Apple’s position in the industry. While that is unlikely to happen (Apple’s legal team would certainly fight against that), it is easy to see what many of the cases are directing towards: preventing competition from selling devices.

Of course, there is also another side to patent wars: smaller tech companies cashing in on stale patents. This is pretty much what you can call technology squatting. Small tech companies would file and own patents for whimsical, yet practical technologies. These patents would never see production –at least on a large scale and eventually, companies would be able to make these innovations on their own.

The success of any product that makes use of such technologies would then bring in a lawsuit. Considering how large the smart phone industry is, a payout of a few pence per phone still translates to hundreds of thousands –even millions in payoff.

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