White iPhone Cancelled and More

Rumors that the white iPhone 4 may be cancelled have hit the streets as the Cupertino based company has officially removed the page from their website online. The color variation of the iPhone 4 has been in great demand since within the first few weeks of the official iPhone 4 launch.

So far, Apple has not made an official statement regarding the matter. The last word given was that the device would be delayed and that the most likely release date will be by next year –many expect the new white iPhone 4 to be an upgrade of the original version –doing away with the issues regarding the device’s exposed antenna.

In other phone news, T-Mobile and Orange UK will be opening Everything Everywhere stores all over the UK on November 24. Confirmed locations include Weston-Super-Mare, Hertford, Palmers Green, Tooting, Bridgend, and Dorchester. It is reported that the Tooting branch will certainly open on the 24th with other locations to follow in the same month.

For those looking for a budget Android tablet, one is already out on the market. The Elonex eTouch touch screen tablet brings in a 7 inch capacitive touch screen display, an ARM 11 1GHz CPU, a 2GB solid state hard drive, and support for microSD cards. The only issue here is that the device only runs Android 2.1 Éclair and no news or announcements regarding possible updates could mean that the device might be stuck with this version forever. At the very least, the device is up for just about 90 GBP on Toys ‘R’ Us. A 10 inch version of the same device comes with a price tag of about 150 GBP.

Lastly, those excited about the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform will be happy to know that the handset will support a Kindle app and of course, eBook reading. This little functionality will certainly bring a smile to many people.

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