Upcoming: Sharp 3D Android, LG Tablet

LG is coming up with its own tablet. With the slow and steady increasing growth of the Galaxy Tab, Samsung has shown the world that despite the iPad’s early lead on the tablet market, there is still plenty of room for competition to grow.

The Optimus Pad is being promoted as the next big thing for LG, but once again, the Korean phone maker is up to its previous practice –planning devices way too far ahead of time. This was already noticeable when LG lost profits for the first half of 2010 when it focused on device that would launch until the latter half of the year (which is the Optimus Android and the Optimus 7 –this one specifically launched around October even).

The Optimus Pad is believed to be running Android Honeycomb, which is the next version to be released after Gingerbread –which is still in the works. With an OS that is two generations down the line of the current 2.2 Froyo, we will certainly not see the Optimus Pad anytime soon; unless Google suddenly decides to churn out OS updates one after another.

Sharp is cashing in on the 3D hype as it announces the new 005SH and 003SH handsets. The new phones will be sporting 1GHz CPUs and the Android Froyo platform (aside from the 3D capable touch screen displays). The 005 will have a slide out QWERTY keyboard while the 003 will have a 9.7 mega pixel camera.

Expect to see the 005 to be released before the end of the year and the 003 to come out sometime next February –our only gripe is that Sharp might not go for a global release so interested buyers should pray for a miracle that this gets outside Japan. In any case, expect the release of this phone to benchmark a new era of 3D touch screen technology all over the world.

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