Upcoming Devices: the Nexus S

Google has a second Nexus branded handset, and that is by now, a well established fact. While it was not easy to believe that the Android phone make would be working on a new self branded handset phone so soon, the fact is that they have already teamed up with Samsung in order to bring the Nexus S to the smart phone industry.

For those who may remember, the Nexus One (Google’s first self branded Android device) was manufactured by Taiwanese phone maker HTC. Many believe that this choice was heavily influenced by HTC’s long standing history in the development of the Android OS as they have been among the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance.

Now, Samsung has been chosen. Many believe that this was because of the unbelievable success of the Galaxy S. While the iPhone 4 did have problems with the whole antennagate issue (which led to some Apple fans opting to pass up on the device), the Galaxy S’ market success is still a product of the device’s own impressive hardware.

Unlike the Nexus One that was basically the same handset as the HTC Desire; the Nexus S takes cues from the Samsung Galaxy S, but takes the features a little bit further. The CPU has been enhanced to an Arm V7 dual core processor with OpenGL ES. The touch screen will employ a new super AMOLED 2 display and the OS will be the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform.

So far, we are downright impressed with the initial specs of the device –though we also suspect that the price tag will also be pretty high. Aside from that, the only other real concern is availability. While Google makes it easy for developers to acquire Nexus handsets, the same is not to be said for regular consumers.

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