Today in Mobile News: Upcoming Devices

HTC’s Merge handset has been appearing quite a lot in news updates recently. The keyboard toting Android smart phone has been quite the attention grabber as HTC has finally decided to come out with a not-so-high-end smart phone that packs a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The biggest disappointment here is that the Merge is still announced as a US carrier Verizon exclusive which means that the only hope for a local re-release of the handset would be to wait it out for a month or so before HTC gives the Merge a quick name change and brings it here.

Nokia is once again showing us all where the money is at: the low end mobile phone market. Two new devices are being buffed up by Nokia, the C2-01 and X2-01 handsets. Despite the fact that the designations for the two are similar, these two phones look quite different from each other.

The C2-01 is your standard candy bar mobile phone while the X2-01 brings in a physical QWERTY keyboard in portrait view (similar to the BlackBerry layout). Specs wise, the two devices are as low end as one can get, but interested folks can also expect to get a very decent price tag as well.

The BlackBerry Playbook touch screen tablet has been slowly bobbing up and down the radar as the Samsung Tab and the iPad are still battling it out for the top spot in the tablet industry wars. Still, the Playbook deserves some much needed attention.

RIM has already confirmed that the device will be commercially available sometime this coming Q2 of 2011, but aside from that, not specific launch date has been pinned down. From what we have seen from the QNX mobile platform, this is one device that tablet users will enjoy in terms of browsing and media playback –though app support is still one major weakness for the device.

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