The Big News: Gingerbread is Almost Here

Eric Schmidt, the current CEO for search engine giant Google has finally confirmed that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread is ready for commercial release and to show it off the man has also showcased the next Google branded handset, the Nexus S.

Whether this comes as a surprise for many or not is not the issue, the important thing here is that after a couple of weeks of speculations and rumors about a possible Nexus handset, the early release of the Gingerbread OS and a major launch event from either Google or Samsung, something has finally happened.

So what else is new? Near field communications technology that’s what. The new handset not exactly tagged under any manufacturer and the fine details of the device have been left out of the equation during the Gingerbread announcement, but the device certainly showed off some impressive features. With Google also backing the technology, expect NFC to be an industry standard pretty soon.

Ironically, as much as the event was an announcement for the new Gingerbread OS, one cannot help but have the attention fully focused on the new handset. Equipped with NFC, a high speed processor, an impressive AMOLED touch screen display and what can only be assumed as a high speed processor and a high capacity camera lens, this next generation smart phone is going to set the new standard for Android device –much like the Nexus One did for the current generation of Android phones.

Undoubtedly, this announcement also underlines the fact that Gingerbread will also be coming over to Froyo devices, though only those with unlocked phones will be able to enjoy an update early. Everyone else will have to wait for network specific updates to the OS. With many devices still behind on the Froyo update, those with Android devices still locked to their networks will need to be patient.

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