Tablet Prices to Go Down for the Holidays

Touch screen tablets are not necessary devices to have at home, but they certainly are a joy to have around. Imagine being able to access the web, your email, social networking account, and all the top news stories from the comfort of your couch, or bed, or even the front porch –much like reading a newspaper, but with media access.

Indeed, tablets are slowly becoming a common device to have around –not quite a staple yet, considering how many people cannot afford the hardware. In terms of cost, tablets are still not cost effective –one could opt to buy a couple of mid range smart phones instead. Or even a single high end one then simply save the plentiful change.

Samsung and RIM however, want you to have touch screen tablets, and as such, they have both announced price cuts for their respective tablets.

The Android Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab comes with a 1GHz CPU, a camera and a 7 inch capacitive touch screen display. It can handle media, eBooks and of course, the whole line of Google’s Android apps. One of the best things about this device: it is Flash capable. Forget the whole issue about the Tab being 3 inches smaller in screen size as compared to the iPad –the smaller screen is actually more ergonomic; this is a big plus for those who love to read digital eBooks (since the iPad actually becomes a little heavy after a while). Originally priced at over 600 Pounds, the new price tag now comes at a much more reasonable 489.99 Pounds.

RIM is not bringing down the price on the BlackBerry Playbook, though the price difference is not as significant as Samsung’s new cost. This is mostly likely due to the fact that the Playbook has already come out at a much reasonable cost of being less than 400 Pounds. This is far from being a budget tablet –like the eTouch, but the QNX OS provides buyers with a very compelling argument.

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