Skyfire Sales Show that Apple Users Want Flash

Steve Jobs has been pretty hard pressed about bringing in Flash playback support on the iOS. After all, a vast amount of web content is currently unavailable for the millions of users of iPhones, iPods and iPads.

According to the Cupertino based demigod, Flash is unstable and would cause the iOS to crash –a lot. This might seem like a pretty sound argument, unless one factors in the fact that the open source Android mobile platform is able to run Flash content without so much as a hiccup. Further announcements that the Windows Phone 7 will also have Flash player support also means that the Microsoft made OS is not prone to the same weakness as the iOS.

Lastly, Adobe has announced that they will be launching Flash player support for a wide range of operating systems such as the Palm WebOS, RIM BlackBerry OS, Samsung Bada, Symbian, Nokia MeeGo and more –with the sole exception of the iOS –which means that Apple’s OS is weakest in terms of compatibility.

And while Apple is keen on not working hard to fix this issue, the users have spoken, and the weekend sales revenue of the Skyfire application in the US iTunes store shows that Flash is an in-demand content for iPhone users.

Right now, there is no localized version of Skyfire available in the UK, though reports from the jailbreak community has shown that many UK iPhone users with modified iOS firmware have also excitedly obtained the application.

At one point in time, Steve Jobs stated that Flash format media will fade out, and he pointed at the fact that if the non-Flash capable iPhone is selling millions, then people do not care about having Flash support. But as these new sales figures show, Flash is a much wanted feature. In fact, Apple stands to gain so much more by actually delivering direct Flash support for their users.

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