Samsung’s Big Plans for the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S

To say that Korean phone maker Samsung is taking the charge as one of the largest phone makers in the mobile handset industry is an understatement. The company is out to dominate, and if current sales figures alone are not an indication, their plans certainly are.

First off, Samsung has confirmed that a total of 20 million Galaxy S handsets are being planned to be shipped out before the end of 2010. This will count in all other Galaxy S devices released previously. The spread of the super AMOLED touch screen equipped handset is set to change the way users view smart phone technology. With the Windows Phone 7’s popularity on the slow rise and the iOS still maintaining a strong hold on the industry, this aggressive marketing by Samsung is just what the Android needs.

Aside from having a 4 inch super AMOLED touch screen display, the Galaxy S also has a 1GHz CPU, a 5 mega pixel camera, and a newly announced WiFi direct feature (to be added in an upcoming update or patch).

The Galaxy Tab is currently Samsung’s main touch screen tablet device. It has been criticized for having a pretty hefty price tag, but considering the hardware in this device, as well as the Android operating system that it uses, the cost is pretty practical –though buyers might be blinded by the Apple branding and larger touch screen display on the Apple iPad.

According to Samsung, they plan to sell at least a million Tabs before the end of this year –with sales of the tablet continuing until next year. While the sales of the iPad has been successful, a lot of people are holding off the move to get a tablet until a better product option is available and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is definitely it.

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